Project Cassiopeia

Cassiopiea –  From an innovative idea of a youngster to the realisation of a wooden training boat Cassiopeia
Author: Dan Poljšak

  • construction of the unique wooden boat, active role of students
  • cooperation of different parties involved in the project: students, masters, pedagogues, artists,..
  • development of technical skills and creativity of young people
  • promotion of maritime education
  • promotion and preservation of maritime cultural traditions
  • preservation of skills for the construction of wooden barques
  • active tourism – a live story you can help to create
  • contact with nature – energy of the sea, wind, natural materials
  • multiplicative activity and creativity

Construction location: Marina Portorož
Duration: 2 – 3 years, beginning in June 2013
Cost estimate of the project: approx. 25,000 €
Boat name Cassiopeia, wooden schooner, 8 m long, 2 masts, wood iroko, oak, mahogany